NACHMO Boston dance artist feature: Jordan Jamil Ahmed

National Choreography Month has reinvigorated and redefined my dance-making practice. After two dormant years spent distancing myself from dance and choreography, I spent the latter portion of 2015 coming back into my body and back to dance. NACHMO presented itself as the perfect opportunity to solidify my reawakening in the dance world by motivating me to choreograph for the first time since graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2013. Through rehearsals, free workshops, and opportunities to interact with other artists in Boston, NACHMO has given me the foundation to tap back into my interests in choreography. I’m creating to both ask and answer questions I have in my life as an artist and beyond. Most importantly, how does dance connect people? How am I defined by the connections I have created and how can I preserve those connections in movement?

Working both on a solo and collaboratively with Claire Johannes, I have been challenged to push myself as an artist. Within such limited time I have pushed myself in my personal methods of dance-making. I’ve given myself choreographic challenges to create new phrases in every rehearsal while building a larger structure for my performance over the course of the month. What began as an impulse to pay attention to the connections around me has evolved into a larger swath of ideas and movement, ideas that I intend to continue to explore for NACHMO and many performances to come.

Here is the promo video for the upcoming performance:

Plus you can check out some of my previous work: