NACHMO Boston 'Shorts' performances Jan 29-31

After a busy month full of creating, moving, sharing, collaborating, dancing and choreographing, it is time for our selected Boston NACHMO artists to showcase their creations! This weekend we are featuring 10 choreographers in NACHMO “Shorts,” a pre-show to the CATALYSTS performances at the Dance Complex. These showings are free to the public and we encourage sharing feedback to the artists. Here’s a rundown of the featured artists this weekend:


Performing Friday January 29th, 7:00-7:45PM

Juliana Utz / Turning Key Dance - From their FB page: “Turning Key Dance delivers clean lines, subtle nuances, and unique worlds, bringing contemporary ballet to a new light.”

Josie Bray - After working in musical theatre for 8 years, Josie had the opportunity to get a #kickinthepants from NACHMO and explore a new concert dance duet!

Lilly Cryan - This dancing artist / yoga instructor / choreographer / dance teacher / blogger will be performing a solo! See a short preview here:


Performing Saturday January 30th, 7:00-7:45PM

Deadfall Dance -  From their website: "Deadfall Dance, directed by Judith Wombwell, was founded to cultivate creative collaborations and to explore innovative techniques of developing movement. Besides the natural kinesthetic implications, the name derives from the Native American tradition of making use of downed wood; in a similar fashion, DeadFall Dance uses available resources. DeadFall consists of a group of artists located in the Greater Boston area. The work is strongly influenced by post-modern dance, the visual arts, multi media work, and is largely driven by explorations of literature, philosophy and man’s relationship to the natural world."

Meghan Carmichael - Check out Meghan’s trailer for her new NACHMO work:

Carlee Travis - Carlee will be showing her new work, “Touch Your Woman,” is a “series of wrestling matches” curated with collaboration of her dancers. Her conceptual dance is rooted in contact improvisation principles and explores the “potentialities of feminine aggression and intimacy.”


Performing Sunday January 31st, 6:00-6:45PM

Heather Brown - After having a successful show earlier this month at AS220 in Providence, RI, Heather Brown Dance will be presenting more of her work at NACHMO! Check out her work here:

Jordan Jamil Ahmed - Check out Jordan’s artist feature blog post here!

Claire Johannes - Claire will be showcasing her work on the 31st, then showing it again on February 7th in the 6pm show. Her work is a structured improvisational duet with Jordan Jamil Ahmed, which “focuses on how to broaden our understandings of connection and contact within performative improvisational structures.”

Eugenia Kim / Penumbra:RME - Currently living in Hong Kong, Eugenia has put together her work through e-mails, videos, and skype sessions with her solo dancer, Katie Suyematsu. Her work will include video, live dance, and the poetry of Paula HaanSoo Junn. Check out her posts about her process here:

Come check out all of these wonderful artists for free! Then, stick around for the CATALYSTS show right after these “Shorts,” all at the Dance Complex.