Our core values help us make decisions about future projects and programming and help guide Regional Directors so that NACHMO is true to itself across hubs. In a nutshell….

NACHMO is about the process of dance-making

  • We believe that choreography is a skill that develops through practice.

  • While choreographers often focus on product and performance, NACHMO focuses on the joy of the fast and sometimes messy process of making a dance against a deadline. Above all, NACHMO is a lark!

NACHMO is inclusive and welcoming

  • The NACHMO challenge is open to everyone.

  • At least some aspects of programing should be open to anyone who wishes to participate.

  • If it’s not possible or desirable to include everyone in a show, the procedure for selecting performers should be clearly communicated to participants. For example, is it first-come-first-served, will there be a lottery, or will the show be curated?

  • We value demographic diversity in our participant body and shows and strive to recruit and include dance artists of different ages, races, genders, and stages in their career development.

  • We value artistic diversity in our participant body and shows, and strive to recruit and include a variety of genres and styles of dance.

NACHMO considers our audience

  • We do not assume or require the audience to have any prior dance knowledge or experience.

    • We clearly communicate that they’ll be seeing dance made in a month and that most of it is work in process.

    • We welcome the audience into the NACHMO experience through helpful tools to receive and respond to the work, such as a question from the choreographer to consider while watching the dance.

    • Discussions with the audience are structured, casual and welcoming.

  • We make the experience as accessible and comfortable as possible.

    • We consider the length of the show so that audience feels fulfilled but not exhausted.

    • Ticket prices are kept low.

    • Our venues are ADA compliant when possible.