New moves, new places.

Don't see your city or town listed as a current NACHMO hub? 

Want to start your own NACHMO hub?

If you're interested in hosting NACHMO events in your area, we'd love to help make that happen! Check out our how-to page.

Want to participate as an individual without starting a whole hub?

If you’d like to participate in NACHMO as an individual artist or company without hosting events and producing shows, we've got you covered too! NACHMO and DanceBARN Collective are partnering to bring you NACHMO Connect. Whether you live in a rural community, a city without a NACHMO hub, or just love performing solo, NACHMO Connect is a great way to participate without producing your own show. Signing up for NACHMO Connect is easy:

1. Register for NACHMO by January 5th (already did this? No problem, we got you!)

2. You'll receive an email from about how to participate in NACHMO Connect.

3. Fill out one last form by January 10th and you’ll be part of the first ever NACHMO Connect Facebook Live show on February 10th, 2019!

Questions? Contact us at