This sounds fun - how do I get involved?

NACHMO is free and open to everyone. Starting October 1, you can sign up by registering through the homepage on this website. Once you’ve registered, we’ll email you a welcome packet letting you know about events in your area.

Are there different ways to participate?

Of course! You can make a dance in the privacy of your bedroom, never show it to anyone, and still have rocked NACHMO. You could decide you’d like to use NACHMO prompts to build your piece and plug into our online community. Or maybe you only want to do the prompts on days you have choreographer’s block. You may decide you want to perform your piece in a public showing, in which case your Regional Director will let you know how to sign up for shows. Or you may live in a part of the country that does not yet have showings, in which case you can participate in NACHMO Connect.

Does it cost anything to participate in NACHMO?

Nope. It doesn't cost anything to register, receive our newsletter, and join in the dance-making. If you want to show your work, most cities have a small performance fee to cover the cost of renting a venue. For example, in NYC it costs $15 to show your piece in the studio shows and $30 to show in the theater shows.

My city has never hosted a NACHMO show before - how can I start one in my city?

Check out our Guide for New NACHMO Shows. It's a first-hand account of producing a first-time NACHMO show. Also, please be in touch! You can email with any questions or concerns you may have.

I already know I want to perform my piece. Where do I sign up for the shows?

First, register for NACHMO. Next, if you live in a place with NACHMO shows, we'll email you in December to put you in touch with your Regional Director. If you live somewhere that doesn’t yet have an established NACHMO chapter, check out our production starter kit and let us know if you'd like to host a NACHMO showing. We're happy to help!

What is the deadline for registering to participate in NACHMO 2020?

Registration is open October 1st through January 5th. We hope you join us!

How do you pronounce NACHMO?

Ah, if we could go back in time and choose a less confounding acronym… Anyway, rhymes with the chips.