How to submit your dance film short

Step 1: Sign-up for NACHMO on our site. This will make sure you get updates and important emails from NACHMO.

Step 2: Get connected with us on Vimeo:

You're set!

Step 3: Go over our guidelines below.

  • In the spirit of NACHMO, create something new.

  • Keep it short - 3 minutes or so.

  • Let the film format inspire you. Think of the camera as a partner or collaborator. For inspiration, you can check out the prompts page and follow along with the Lens prompts.

Step 4: Submit your film via our online form before February 10th:

Some FAQ

Do I need a fancy camera?
Nope! Videos shot on phones are great and allow creative lens placement!

Can I submit a video of my work onstage?
No, we’re looking for work that exists uniquely on film.

I have so many more questions.
Great! Email to get all the answers.