NACHMOx is your condensed choreographic kick in the pants. The rules are simple: you can submit as a company, a choreographer, or as a dancer.Choreographers and dancers are paired together and then there is one week to create a brand new dance.

Companies will take an oath of originality! Each NACHMOx series will focus on a different interdisciplinary prompt as a jumping off point for all choreographers and companies.

Our next NACHMOx will be November 25th at the Tank! Registration will open in early November!


Why the interdisciplinary prompt?

As a means of keeping the dance community open and expanding, NACHMOx will use different disciplines to inspire the new pieces.

What does it cost?

NACHMOx at The Tank is completely free for participants! We strive to provide a few hours of free rehearsal time as well, depending on availability at The Tank, NYC. Choreographers are responsible for securing rehearsal space.

What if I want to be involved but don't feel comfortable choreographing?

No problem, sign up as a dancer! You’ll be paired with a choreographer based on your schedules and you’ll work together for a week and perform at The Tank.

I read through the FAQ’s, but still have questions, who should I email for answers?

We love questions. Send them all to