How to submit your dance film short

Due date: Sunday, February 18

Step 1: Sign-up for NACHMO on our site. This will make sure you get updates and important emails and reminders from NACHMO.

Step 2: Get connected with us on Vimeo.

Connect to us on Vimeo

You're set! When you're all ready to submit for the NACHMO Film Project, you can upload your video and submit via our form.

Step 3: Start gathering ideas... We’ll be sending out inspirational challenges and have a whole section of the NACHMO prompts devoted to making a dance film. Visit the prompts page and follow along with the Lens prompts!

Step 4: Go over our guidelines below.

  • In the spirit of NACHMO, create something new.
  • Keep it short - 2 minutes or less.
  • Let the film format inspire you. Think of the camera as a partner or collaborator.

Step 5: Submit via our online form

Any questions, just email