Welcome to NACHMO 2020! We’re so glad you’ve taken the challenge to choreograph a new piece this January! Here’s your step-by-step guide for how to get set up:

Connect with us.
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, then compose a first post with hashtag #NACHMO2020 to let the NACHMO community know what you’ll be working on. Introduce yourself. Tag us! We can’t wait to share and amplify. Not on social? More power to you! Feel free to reach out through email - we love to hear from you!

Connect with each other.
We are aiming to deepen the engagement within the NACHMO Community, not just from you to us, but with you and EVERYONE ELSE! We’ve created a Slack Group for you to chat with, find inspiration from, and maybe even collaborate with other NACHMO’ers across the world! Haven’t used Slack before? Lucky you, here’s a tutorial!

Join Slack Now!

Connect with your Regional Director.
You registered for the challenge! Woohoo! That means you’ll get a newsletter each month from programming director Shannon McMullan. In order to receive info about events and shows in your city or hometown, make sure you CONNECT WITH YOUR REGIONAL DIRECTOR through your hub’s page on the website. Each hub has its own unique way of having participants sign up so check out the info on your page.  If you don’t see too much there yet, don’t worry - just send your Regional Director an email and they’ll get back to you! Still unsure about who to be in touch with? No worries, email nachmonycproductions@gmail.com and Regional Director Coordinator Annalisa Ledson will get you connected! 

Not in one of our NACHMO hubs?
Sitting at home in Kalamazoo or Portland and don't see your city listed as a current NACHMO hub? Do not be not deterred! You are one of many choreographers participating from a location without established events, and we want you to know you have options:

Start your own hub
If you're interested in hosting NACHMO events in your area, we'd love to help make that happen! Fill out this form, and Annalisa will be in touch to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have about hosting events.

NACHMO Connect
NACHMO and DanceBARN Collective are partnering to bring you NACHMO Connect! Whether you live in a rural community, a city without a NACHMO hub, or just love performing solo, NACHMO Connect is a great way to participate without producing your own show. These digital performances will be gracing the airwaves in March, so you’ll have some extra time to create and get all of your technology set. Email dancebarncollective@gmail.com to let them know you’re interested! 

Get ready for NACHMO prompts.
Each day we'll post a prompt on instagram, @nachmodance, that can help you generate material and vanquish choreographer's block. You can do them every day, ignore them completely, or check in when you need some extra inspiration. There are three tracks:

- The prompt is quick and dirty - it can be completed and posted in 5 minutes, as a one-off.
- The plus is for those who'd like to use the prompts to build a complete piece by the end of the month. If you do them in order, voila! you will end the month with a new piece.
- The lens track is for those interested in making a dance on film.

Want to show your work?
Sometimes the best kick in the pants is a performance date. NACHMO has many hubs with shows  around the USA, and beyond! You can participate in NACHMO in the privacy of your own home, but if you want to show your work publicly, make sure you read through how to apply for the shows on your hub’s page on the website, listed on the dropdown menu at www.nachmo.org.

Invite a buddy.  
NACHMO is the kind of thing that’s even better with friends. Your fellow NACHMO participants are like your accountability committee, and it helps if you have friends on that committee. Use our super-simple 30-second email generator to tell a friend they should take the plunge.

Happy Choreographing!