Want to choreograph?

Official Participation ~ Choreographers 18+

Submit your piece via the online form by January 7 and pay the $35 fee for your NACHMO Artist Pass. Registered adult NACHMO DC choreographers receive:

*This year, in partnership with Petworth Arts Collaborative, NACHMO DC choreographers have the option of creating a site-specific work at one of our partner locations in Petworth. Site-specific dances will be performed during Petworth Arts Collaborative's First Friday event on February 3, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. If you're interested in this option, please contact nachmodc@gmail.com.

Deadlines and requirements:

  • Register as a choreographer for NACHMO DC here: NACHMO DC 2017 Registration form
  • Pieces may be up to 7 minutes long
  • Submit your piece and buy your NACHMO Pass by end-of-day Saturday, January 7
  • In order to be part of the audition for dancers, submit your piece by end-of-day Thursday, January 5
  • Submit a rehearsal video of your dance in progress by February 1
  • Tell Dance Exchange that you are a NACHMO choreographer when booking your rental to receive the discount


OFFICIAL participation ~ Choreographers under 18

NEW THIS YEAR, youth choreographers are invited to submit their work for one reserved youth spot in the NACHMO DC studio showing on February 10th.

The submission fee for youth is $15, which qualifies the piece to be considered for the studio showing. Youth choreographers are not included in the events listed above (audition or free rehearsals) aside from the studio showing. However, registered youth NACHMO DC choreographers will get:

  • Support and ideas from the NACHMO DC team via email
  • Feedback on video drafts of their piece throughout January, if requested
  • A video and photos of their piece if it is selected for the studio showing

Youth choreographers are encouraged to work with their teachers throughout their creative process in January. They are also invited to utilize any of the prompts listed below under Unofficial Participation in NACHMO DC.

Deadlines and requirements:

  • Register as a youth choreographer for NACHMO DC here: NACHMO DC 2017 Registration form
  • Pieces may be up to 7 minutes long
  • Submit your piece and pay the $15 fee by end-of-day Saturday, January 7
  • Submit a rehearsal video of your dance by February 1 to be considered for the studio showing
    • NACHMO DC will announce the selected youth piece by Friday, February 3
  • Submit a signed parental permission slip for yourself and all dancers under 18 by February 6 if your piece is chosen for the studio showing
  • Neither NACHMO DC or Dance Exchange is responsible for youth choreographers or their dancers while they are participating in the NACHMO DC showing

Youth choreographers are also encouraged to audition their work for the Joy of Motion Dance Center Youth Dance Project, which has a registration deadline of January 22 for performances February 25-26.

Unofficial Participation in NACHMO DC

Don't have time for all the official stuff listed above? There are plenty of small ways that both adult and youth choreographers can take part in NACHMO during January. Exercise your creativity in whatever ways you can!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Come audition on January 6th to be a dancer in a NACHMO DC piece!
  • Try some of the daily NACHMO tasks posted at nachmo.org.
  • Follow #NACHMO2017 on social media to see what other choreographers are up to.
  • Take one of the prompts below and play around with some movement:
    • Make a dance phrase while sitting on public transit or in a car (not driving!) and see how you can adapt to the confined space.
    • Listen to a piece of music you've always wanted to dance to, and envision what it could look like.
    • Challenge yourself to get from the bedroom to the bathroom without just walking; what other ways can you travel through space?
    • Remember a dance you did a while ago, reclaim a few steps from it, and see how you can alter them to fit your life now.
    • Watch a video of a dance or choreographer you really like, write down two things that appeal to you, and then make a dance phrase that draws on what you wrote.
    • Make a phrase in reverse; imagine how the movement ends, then work backwards from there to the beginning. See how the transitions change when you dance it from beginning to end.
    • Ask a friend to make up a story and improvise along with what they're saying, then ask your friend what three things you did that they remember best, and build a phrase based on those movements.
    • Ask your social media network for one word that describes their day, then make a phrase based on the words you receive.
  • Email nachmodc@gmail.com any time for ideas, support, and/or encouragement!

Want to dance?

NACHMO is a unique opportunity to be part of a short-term dance project that culminates in a performance. 

Dancers are invited to the audition on Friday, January 6 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Dance Exchange. There is no cost to you for auditioning. NACHMO choreographers will present elements of their pieces, and you will have the opportunity to talk with those you are interested in working with. 

If you're not available for the audition, email nachmodc@gmail.com by end-of-day Sunday, January 8 to be connected with a NACHMO choreographer.

The NACHMO DC 2017 performance dates are:

  • Site-specific showing  - Friday, February 3 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm beginning at Georgia Ave and Upshur St NW in DC, as part of Petworth First Fridays 

    • There will be a brief tech time prior to the performances

  • Studio showing - Friday, February 10 from 7:30 to 9:00 pm at Dance Exchange

    • Tech will begin at 5:30 pm that day

Special notes for dancers under 18

Youth dancers may perform in a NACHMO piece, and may attend the open rehearsals with their choreographer, if a signed parental permission slip is brought to all such events. NACHMO DC and Dance Exchange are not responsible for youth dancers while they are participating in NACHMO DC events. Youth dancers should not attend the audition, but should email nachmodc@gmail.com by January 8 to be connected with a choreographer. 


NACHMO DC began in 2014 through a partnership between Glade and New Street Dance Group. Now in its third year, we are excited to continue to help DC artists kick off the new year with dance. 

Check out the NACHMO DC YouTube channel to see some of our past creations!

You can reach us at nachmodc@gmail.com if you have any questions.