What is NACHMO?

NACHMO is an annual challenge that spurs dancers, choreographers, and movement enthusiasts to choreograph by providing a month-long deadline and a community of peers. We offer opportunities for participants to share their new work with each other and with the public in both informal and fully produced shows.

For one month each year, we put aside our excuses, our hesitations, and perhaps our day jobs to work intensely on making dance. Through the online community of fellow NACHMO participants, social media with our #NACHMOprompts, the blog, and live events, we provide opportunities for individual artists to network and collaborate. Inspired by National Novel Writing Month, we are your choreographic kick in the pants!

Want to get involved? Email info@nachmo.org
Want to make a donation? Donate here.

NACHMO is open to everyone, but it's only a month long so hurry up and start making your dance!

Join us!

This January, create something new with us. We invite you to again take the plunge! Set a goal! Accept our kick in the pants! Make something in 31 days and join our community of hundreds around the country doing the same!

Register by January 1, 2017. Fill out your member profile, give us a shout on our social media networks, and check out the events happening near you. 

Refer your friends

Do you have any friends or networks who you think would be interested in NACHMO? We have ambitious plans to grow our community this year. Spread the love and share info about NACHMO to get all of your friends on board!