January Challenge

The January Challenge is the foundation to all that is NACHMO. It is our annual challenge to inspire dancers, choreographers, and movement enthusiasts to choreograph by providing a month-long deadline to complete their work and connect it to a community of peers. 

For one month each year, we put aside our excuses, our hesitations, and perhaps our day jobs to work intensely on making dance. Through the online community of fellow NACHMO participants, social media, the blog, and live events, we provide opportunities for individual artists to network and collaborate. 

January 2020 is your choreographic kick in the pants! 

Ways To Participate:

1. just DO YOU

You can make a dance in the privacy of your bedroom, never show it to anyone, and still have rocked NACHMO.

2. perform

Or, you can participate in a studio or theater show with your local hub! Read about all of the creative things our NACHMO hubs are doing for the January Challenge!


NACHMO prompts are a quick and easy way to participate in NACHMO, generate material, and vanquish choreographer's block. Come back to our site for a new prompt every day in January, follow us on instagram @nachmodance and Facebook, or download our calendar and mark off each prompt as you go!

There are three types of NACHMO prompts: 

The NACHMO prompt is your quick and dirty choreographic kick in the pants to start each day or to end each evening. Each prompt can be completed and posted in 5 minutes. Check out our website for a new prompt every day in January!

The NACHMO plus prompt is for those who'd like to use the prompts to build a complete piece by the end of the month! Check out our website for a new prompt every day in January!

The NACHMO lens prompt track is for those interested in making a dance on film for our NACHMO film project. Check out our website for a new prompt every day in January!

Read more about NACHMO prompts.


NACHMO and DanceBARN Collective bring you NACHMO Connect! If you are you longing to participate in the annual choreographic kick in the pants, but live somewhere that doesn't have NACHMO events, we've gotcha covered! 

Whether you live in a rural community, a city without a NACHMO hub, or just love performing solo, NACHMO Connect is a great way to participate without producing your own show. 

More details about this year’s NACHMO Connect coming soon! If you know that you’re interested in participating, email dancebarncollective@gmail.com and they’ll be sure to update you directly as well! 


This sounds fun - how do I get involved?

NACHMO is free and open to everyone. Starting October 1, you can sign up by registering through our website. Once you’ve registered, keep an eye out for information on how you can sign up to participate in your local hub or NACHMO Connect! 

Does it cost anything to participate in NACHMO?

Nope. It doesn't cost anything to register, receive our newsletter, and join in the dance-making. If you want to show your work, most cities have a small performance fee to cover the cost of renting a venue. For example, in NYC it costs $15 to show your piece in the studio shows and $30 to show in the theater shows.

My city has never hosted a NACHMO show before - how can I start one in my city?

Check out our Guide for New NACHMO Hub. It's a first-hand account of producing a first-time NACHMO show. Also, please be in touch! You can email nachmonycproduction@gmail.com  with any questions or concerns you may have.

I already know I want to perform my piece. Where do I sign up for the shows?

First, register for NACHMO. Next, if you live near a NACHMO Hub, check the locations tab [link] with info on how to get in  touch with your Regional Director. If you live somewhere that doesn’t yet have an established NACHMO chapter, check out our production starter kit and let us know if you'd like to host a NACHMO showing. NACHMO Connect is another way to share your work without producing a show. We're happy to help with whatever you chose!

What is the deadline for registering to participate in NACHMO 2020?

Registration is open October 1st through January 5th. We hope you join us!